Admission criteria

Specifically, to be eligible for enrolment in this Doctoral Programme in Architecture, applicants must hold a current degree in Architecture or a Graduate in Architecture, in addition to having completed the Master's Degree in Architectural Research at the Uva. However, the Academic Committee of the programme may admit other related degrees (Fine Arts, History of Art, Engineering) and/or another master's degree, imposing, in any case, a certain complementary training, if deemed appropriate. In any case, this Commission will be responsible for the selection of the applicants admitted, using criteria based on academic records, the students' curricula vitae and the suitability of the training and research experience of the applicants, always prioritising excellence.

In the event that there are not enough places, preference will be given to students who have completed the Master's Degree in Architectural Research at the Uva, secondly to the academic curriculum of the Master's Degree completed and other research training complements presented by the applicant that are in line with the interests and objectives of the doctoral programme.